Antenatal & Ultrasound

Asthma treatment & nebulizer

Blood Biochemistry and Serological Investigation

Blood Group Screening

Blood Pressure Examination, Interpretation and Advice

Blood and Urine Screening

Chronic illnesses - management & treatment


CBD insertion



Executive Blood Profile

Eye examination

Ear, nose & throat examination

Family Planning Counseling & Treatment

FOMEMA  including foreign workers medical check up                                  

General Medical Consultation and Treatment

Health/blood screening

Hepatitis B Screening, Immunization and Counseling

HIV Screening




Immunization / vaccination

- Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) Vaccine

- Hepatitis B Vaccine

- Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus (D.P.T. - Triple Vaccine)

- Polio

- Typhoid Vaccine (For food handlers)

- Anti-Tetanus Toxiod (ATT)


- Meningococcal (Mencevax : ACWY)

Medical check-up (Pre-employment, Annual, Institution, Hajj & Umrah, GDL/PSV)

Minor surgeries - Incision and drainage

Pap Smear Examination for Screening of Cervical Cancer


STD (Venereal Diseases) Screening & Treatment

T&S of cuts and wounds

Urine tests

Ultrasound Screening Facilities for Pregnant Women


Vitamins & Supplements

Vision and Color Perception tests

Weight Loss Management

Wound care & dressing